The faculty at Nallamani Vidhyalaya strive to bring out the inherent potential for enhancing the personality and enabling communication in English. Our Teachers use a combination of different methods and techniques to demonstrate accurate and up - to -date knowledge of content. They ignite the imagination of students and in still a love of learning.


S.No Name Designation
1 Mrs.P.Padmavathy.,M.A.,M.Ed., Principal
2 Mrs.D.Rajalakshmi.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., TGT (Bio Chem)
3 Ms.Elakkiya.,M.A.,M.Phil.,M.Ed., TGT(Economics)
4 Ms.Deepika Jashey.,M.A.,B.Ed., TGT(English)
5 Ms.Anitha.,B.Sc.,B.Ed., TGT(Physics)
6 Ms.Manimegalai.,B.Sc.,B.Ed., TGT(Tamil)
7 Mrs.Indrani.,B.A.,B.Ed., TGT(Chemistry)
8 Ms.Karthika.,B.A.,B.Ed., TGT(English)
9 Ms.Shanthi.,B.Sc.,B.Ed., TGT(Maths)
10 Mrs.Petchiyammal.,B.A.,B.Ed., TGT(Tamil)
11 Ms.Muppudathi.,B.A.,B.Ed., TGT(Tamil)
12 Mrs.Selvi.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT(Chemistry)
13 Mr.Kutralaganapathy.,B.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
14 Mr.Stalin.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
15 Mr.D.Murugan.,M.A.,B.Ed., PRT
16 Mrs.Ramakalavathy.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
17 Mrs.Juliet Silviya.,M.A.,B.Ed., PRT
18 Ms.Subha.,B.A.,B.Ed., PRT
19 Mrs.R.Logalakshmi.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., TGT
20 Mrs.D.Indra.,M.A.,B.Ed., TGT
21 Mr.Palavesam.,M.P.Ed., PET
22 Mr.Mahaboob Subhaha.,B.Lis., Librarian
23 Dr.Ruban.,M.Sc.,Ph.D., Special Educator
24 Mrs.Maheswari.,M.Pharm., Staff Nurse